Blogger what? Blogger who?

So, this art of blogging has interested my fancy for quite a few years. Actually thought about starting one with my mom and sisters, but sadly…that never worked out. So…I figured I’d give it a test!

Wouldn’t you know it? I went to Google (really, I tell Rob everyday I should have shares in the company…I google everything and would like to think I was one of the founding users…really, I was! And if you know differently, please DO NOT burst my bubble.)…I digress…but I do that often, so get used to it…

Now…where was I? Right…I googled ‘Blogs’ and the first choice was ‘’…I click on it…and to my pleasant surprise (really, I was pleasantly surprised)…it said ‘Welcome Tricia Wright’, ‘Create a New Post’!

“What? Are you ‘Big Brother’? How do you know my name?”

This proves my point, that I ALWAYS was interested in blogging…so much so that I had already set up an account in the past…so I’m jumping head first into this thing, that I think will be my new thing…sorry,, Lainey Gossip and all the other lovely sites that have entertained me…it’s my turn now!

Anyway, I decided to do this, because I think I think about sooooo much cool stuff during the day and to remember it all (oh my…) would be a task above all tasks. I hardly remember what I have for breakfast every morning…sorry…that was a fib. I have the SAME thing for breakfast every morning…whole wheat bread toasted with peanut butter…well almost every morning, unless Vangie makes her humongous pancakes for the boys, of which I MUST have two!

But this blog is dedicated to my boys (all 3!)…hopefully years from now, when they read it, they see me a very interesting person and not just the mad woman that yells so uncontrollably when they’re naughty (the younger 2 that is…not the big 1…he’s never naughty…lol).

  1. Awwwwww! The handsome Wright men!! Trish I’m soooo happy you’re sharing your thoughts with us. I know I’m your sister and technically I should “know” you. But there always seems to be so much more to people when you truly hear their thoughts and feels about things in a ‘written’ form. I know I do my best thinking and contemplating that way. So I’m sooooo excited for you! And excited to read it on a regular basis. Love you!

  2. as soon as you figure out to add a couple more hours to my day i can add a blog and reading to my ever-growing to-do list…. i’ll just use your blog to sound-off when i have a minute or two 😉

  3. Tangents…love it…but I know you two (Mich and LaLa) would have pretty interesting blogs too and I’d love to read them…hint hint 🙂

  4. Yay! I love blogs! In these busy times it’s hard to keep track of all we want to say and share with our family and friends, so YAY, you’ve found a way to do it!! I will be adding you to my favourites right this minute.

  5. FINALLY! it’s about time. i would soooo read your blogs every day b/c, like you, have so many random thoughts and one thing i love best about you IS your tangents 🙂

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