I’m ‘in training’

I’m sad today, cause I think I went a little too ballistic with Isaiah last night. Not ballistic as you all are thinking…but I yelled at him :-(…like really yelled at him…like really, really, really…well, you get the point.

I’m going to nutshell it for you…Isaiah traded a toy with his friend at school and when he got home, he accidentally broke the toy! So…we took Isaiah’s DS away for 1 week, he had to give us $10 from his ‘chores money’ to buy back a new toy (don’t worry we put it back into his piggy bank…though he doesn’t know…cause he has a wallet and a piggy bank…he took the $10 from his wallet) and has 6 lines to do when he gets home “I must not bring my toys to school’.

Do you think this was too harsh? I mean…we (speaking for Rob and I here) work hard and so do other parents…I’m (lol…speaking for me alone here) not at all for Isaiah ‘trading’ the toys that we (back to Rob and I) work to buy him. I mean…I know he’s beginning to know the concept of money…but suppose the toys aren’t of equal value…suppose it wasn’t even the other kid’s toy in the first place…and Isaiah was ‘caught’ with it?

I’ve been told I often look at the bad side of things, instead of seeing the innocent side of it…

Do you think this is true? Or do you not know me well enough to answer that?

So…to semi-make up for it. Rob’s taking Isaiah out tonight for some father/son time…they’re going for some gourmet McDonald’s and then to see Hotel for Dogs…they’ll chat about mom…how mom means well, but sometimes gets too worked up and it doesn’t always cross across that way…they’ll talk about toys and boys…they’ll enjoy each other’s company. While Rob is lifting Isaiah’s spirit…Noah will be lifting mine.

Parenting it a team sport…and I’m on my way to becoming an athlete πŸ™‚

  1. well, back in the 90’s i paid $150 for one hour with a pschologist (someone to just listen to you ) to deal with my parenting skills with your little sis, it’s simply fantastic to know in the year 2009 you could get the same results through something called ‘blogging’ and its free.
    it’s so much more fun watching in the role of ‘grandmother’ as you go through the same parenting skills and seeing you cope or not cope

  2. (Press ‘post’ too soon. hee hee) Nonetheless you do such a great job with the boys… whatever you’ve been doing seems to work just fine! So don’t sweat it!! They are both FINE YOUNG BOYS!!

  3. LOLOLOLOL “gourmet Mikey D’s”. Trish you triple punished him for a single crime. Well I’m new in the game but I believe one punishment for one crime. And knowing Isaiah and how much he HATES to disappoint people, especially his parents, I think he would have understood his wrong just fine with one punishment. Mmmm let’s see if I think the same way in 6 years when Kaiden is that age. lololol. The experienced moms above seems to agree with your approach!

  4. Aren’t we all? Sometimes I yell and wish my voice could be just a little louder, like that will somehow make the point clear. There are so many years of mistakes/overreactions etc. ahead of us that I say there is no point in feeling guilty – the weight will bury you while you struggle to do your best. That’s all anyone can ask – do your best and at the end of the day they will know you did.

  5. awww trish. you weren’t too harsh. and quite honestly, it DOES hurt us more than it hurts them (or so i was told as a child). lol.

    and wow, gotta love the guilt date rob’s got set up for tonight. toughen up son. send him my way for a week and after i feed him tofu burgers and lentil patties, he’ll be begging to come home πŸ˜‰

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