Swagga like us…

Just finished watching the live performance of ‘Swagga like us’ on the Grammy’s…M.I.A could have worn something different…lol.

So we did it! We survived the great Canadian outdoors!

We bundled the kids up and headed out…at first things looked grim as we had to park across the street from the community centre’s grounds, since the closer parking lot was full. But a minute after we parked the kids were in line to go down the slide (what a relief…):

While Isaiah and Leah were going down the slide, Rob was waiting in line to do some ‘air baseball’ thingy with Noah.

Leah and Isaiah were up next:

Then a hop, skip and jump away, snow shoes were available to those who wanted to give that a shot. To be honest, these things looked fun, I was going to give it a shot, but no other adults were doing it…so I decided against it.

And of course…what would a day outdoors be without some falling in the snow…just for the fun of it!

Then off we went to the park…just to make sure the kids would be super exhausted!

All in all, it was a fun day and I was quite ‘comfortable’ being outside, but that might have been because it was un-seasonably warm today. No guarantees I’ll be doing this on a ‘real’ winter day. But for what it is…it was a great experience and we had fun…as we always do with the Burrells.

By the way – these were the shoes that I wore (I was going to wear bright green ones, but Rob was a bit embarrassed). They are probably not the best suited for the snow, but definitely fun and practical, given the muddy slushes as a result of the melting snow and the boot warmers did help!

  1. WOW Trish. I can’t believe you survived the big bad outdoors…not to mention cold. And looks like it was fun.

    You are a true Canadian now, eh?

  2. yay! i am SOOOOOO proud of you! you survived AND you had fun while doing so 🙂 next time, release your inner child and do the snow shoeing anyway 😉

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