It was fun while it lasted

I’ve got some sad news for you…

We got home from Pioneers Club tonight, Rob and I ran the show since the Children’s Pastor is away. It went pretty well actually, it’s not easy to go to work then head straight to church to the energetic personalities of 20 children ages 3 – 10! But let me tell you…we exhausted them! We came, we conquered and we left…alive and well. I’m sooo ready for next week!

Anyway, we came home, and while getting the boys ready for bed…Rob comes and whispers in my ear ‘we have a dead fish’. What? My heart sank…what are we gonna do…how are gonna handle this? Rob suggested just leaving it…I almost agreed with him…it’s not like the kids really pay attention to the fish anyway. We maybe could have gotten away for at least 3 weeks before they realized something was missing.

imgresBut then I thought about it…so we leave it and not tell them, what do we say once they figure it out? Oh…the fish died 3 weeks ago? Didn’t seem like that was a good idea. So, I’m like lets tell them now.

So…we called them into the washroom and here’s what happened:

Me: Boys…there’s been an accident
Isaiah: What happened mommy?
Me: One of your fish died
Isaiah: What? Can I see it?
Noah: Fish?

Then Noah peeks his head closer to the fish tank and starts to bawl! I mean wail…like uncontrollable crying…I wanted to cry because he was crying so hard. Then Isaiah started crying…
I’m now looking at Rob like ‘okay, this sooo isn’t how I expected this to turn out…quick think of something’

Rob: Okay boys, here’s the deal…the fish was old, really old and just couldn’t live anymore
Isaiah: (in between what has now become sobs) But I’ll miss the fish
Trish: (thinking ‘good I got it’) Well, we’ll get you another fish once we figure out if the other fish is going to be okay.
Noah: (in hysterics) I don’t want another fish…I want that fish!
Trish: But that fish is dead
Noah: I want that fish! I want that fish! I want that fish!

Rob and I are totally lost at this point…we’re thinking we need some damage control and like now…actually more like 2 minutes ago!

We decided to pray for the dead fish, the fish that was still alive and the boys…they’re now much calmer than they were before.

So we resumed our bedtime routine of tucking the boys in and Noah comes to me: ‘How did the fish die mommy’? Unsure of what to say, because he’s now calm…I say ‘Noah, something was wrong with the fish…he was sick and maybe the something in the tank hurt it more’. Then Noah said: ‘ Well, maybe now we can get the Diego tank’. I smile…kids will be kids. When we initially went fish shopping, we had 2 fish tanks in the running…the one we got and a ‘Go Diego Go’ tank…so in Noah’s mind…since the tank we have hurt the fish, we now have to get the Diego tank.

I heart my children…even if they don’t take care of the fish that they asked for…and cry as if it’s the end of the world as they know it when the fish passed away.

R.I.P. Mr Fish
September 2008 – February 2009
Contented pet of Rob, Trish, Isaiah and Noah
Mr. Fish left behind his long standing partner in crime…Mr. Fish (the other one).


  1. Oh my. this must be the best story. i love the innocence of children and their view on the world.

    What a going home service that must have been.

    RIP Mr. Fish, you lived a long full life

  2. awwww Mr. Fish…. pausing for a moment of silence… Other Mr. Fish will definitely miss you:(

    LOOOOVE the dialogue. i could so picture this all taking place!!! lol.

  3. many thanks for a good laugh before i go to sleep. Thank you Lord for life, in Jesus’ name Amen.
    Good night and may Mr.Fish rest in peace
    It was so worth reading this before I go to sleep.
    Laughter is a good medicine and I had my dosage at bedtime.

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