Life sometimes gets in the way…

I must say that I’ve been blessed with an awesome job, so 99% of my days are good days, but today was good in a different way. After a meeting downtown, I decided to ‘work from home’ for the rest of the day, so I had lunch with Mom, Dad, Krissy, Eddie and Kaiden then off I went to ‘just enjoy the afternoon’.

I had the opportunity to do something that I rarely get to do, have one on one time with LaLa! It was not at all a planned thing, I just called her up and said ‘I’m free from now until 5 o’clock’…let’s meet’. Without hesitation LaLa said okay (she’s blessed to be a freelance editor and so sets her own hours). A couple hours later, we were up to ‘girly mischief’ and lots of talking.

I’ve known LaLa going on 10 years now (or more…not too sure)…we’ve taken trips together, we were there when Howie proposed, she and Howie were married on my birthday (a sure way for Howie to remember his anniversary, cause everyone gets a 2 month warning that my birthday is approaching…lol), we’ve prayed for jobs together, we’ve thanked God for answered prayers together, we even tried to ‘plan’ our kids at the same time, so we can be off together, we have our Wright/Burrell Christmas dinners, we’re godparents to each other kids…we’re pretty close…

We usually do things as families and get together at least once a month. Actually late last year, at our Christmas dinner, we laughed about how ‘us wives hold things together’. Rob and Howie often don’t know when they’ll be seeing each other…they’re usually told the day of ‘We’re going to Ajax (or Aurora) today.’ They’re convinced that both families will be just as close even without LaLa and I planning our get togethers…we challenged them…their response was ‘but it works so well…why change it?’

I’ve read that the best kind of friend is the one you could sit with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve had. Well, let me tell you, today LaLa and I talked and talked and talked and talked. After our mission was accomplished, we had a lovely dinner at ZiZi Trattoria (yummy food…I heart food) and chatted about everything from our kids, our work, our life, Rihanna, the mom with 14 children, the 13 year old father (did you read this story?…if not, google ’13 year old father’…nuts), the world as we know it today, the difference between religion and a spiritual relationship with God. It was really one of the best conversations I ever had and while I think we would have been just as comfortable with silence, not having the children around made it so easy to have adult conversation…who knew we had so much to say?

It was great just to be able to spend that time together…you know, sometimes we get so busy with our lives and being moms (and wives and sisters and daughters and whatever you are to others), that we sometimes put our interests on the back burner and think that we’ll always have the time to do this or that. So even though there might have been some ‘guilt’ of leaving the husbands with the kids on a ‘family night’…we quickly got over it =).

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