Bad tooth fairy

When Isaiah lost his first tooth about a month ago, he was sick. The one thing that cheered him up was that he would be getting his first visit ever from the tooth fairy. That night I slept with him in the spare bedroom and at 3 am he got up, looked under his pillow, and said “Mom, the tooth fairy didn’t come!”.

Man, how could I have forgotten to do the tooth fairy thing…so I told him that the tooth fairy was probably a little confused since he wasn’t sleeping in his own bed, so she may visit later than we thought. As soon as he dozed off, I went into my room, got money, wrote a letter to him from the tooth fairy and did the swap. The next morning…he was super excited!

On Saturday, Isaiah lost another tooth. On Sunday morning when he came into our room, he came holding his tooth holder (with the tooth still in it…yes, I know, please don’t make me feel worse than I did) and said “Mom, the tooth fairy didn’t come last night.” Okay, really, how did I forget about this? I felt so terrible…this is his second ‘run-in’ with the tooth fairy’s tardiness (or forgetfulness…)

Now what do I say? There’s no good reason for the tooth fairy forgetting about it this time…he was sleeping in his own bed! So I said…the tooth fairy doesn’t have to come at night, just when you’re not looking. He fell for it and by the time we got home from church…the tooth fairy took his tooth away and left him a shiny bill…no letter though…she was running late for church =).

At least with this new rule that ‘the tooth fairy comes when you’re not looking’, I shouldn’t ever forget to do the swap, cause I can do it anytime and not just at night! Fingers crossed for the third tooth.

And yes, for those of you who knew, we did end up paying another $110 to get the second tooth pulled as well. This time though, it wasn’t a special visit just for the tooth to be pulled, Isaiah had a scheduled cleaning and the dentist recommended pulling it…then again, who wouldn’t when you’re making $110 from it…

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