CWI: Africa Butt

So, just to add some humour to your day (and because ‘they’ say it’s good to laugh at yourself)…here’s a funny one. On Saturday, we watched Madagascar 2 with the boys (they love both Madagascar and Madagascar 2) and of course their favourite song is “I like to move it”. After we watched the movie, it was bed time and while taking Isaiah to brush his teeth…he follows me into the bathroom and says….

“Mom, you have a Africa butt!”

I laughed, Rob laughed, Isaiah laughed, Noah laughed…it was hilarious…until I thought “which ‘Africa butt’ is he referring to”? So you tell me…is it: Gloria – hippo (if you choose this one, your friendship/family contract will become null and void) Alex – lion Melman – giraffe Marty – zebra

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