Noahism: Naughty Chair

Another quick story about the boys…this time it’s Noah.

While eating dinner on Monday evening, Noah says to me that Aunty (Vangie) gave him time out in the naughty chair. So we discussed why he got time out and he’s supposedly now clear on how to act to stay clear of the naughty chair.

When Rob and I were leaving for work yesterday morning, we kissed the boys and I said to Noah “No naughty chair today okay Noey.”

Noah said “Aunty…did you hear that? Mom, said no naughty chair for me today!”

So I’m thinking…’No…wait a minute that’s not what I meant.’ I was shocked that he interpreted it that way, but…after all that was what I said.

So I had to back up and explain to Noah that I meant, that he should not do anything to be put into the naughty chair…and that Aunty is fully allowed to put him in the naughty chair if she sees it fit. He understood.

Sometimes I say things to people and wonder ‘did they hear me?’, but after this experience with Noah, I should really ask myself ‘did I say what I really meant to say?’

And thank God, Noah repeated what I said, so I had a chance to clarify. Can you imagine the stand off with Vangie, if he was naughty yesterday?

Here’s what I pictured:
Vangie after Noah misbehaved…
Vangie: Noah, you need to sit in the naughty chair for 3 mins.
Noah: No…mommy said no naughty chair for me
V: Noah…come
N: No…mommy said…
V: Noah
N: No…no…no…

Wow…crisis diverted! Not that Noah gets the naughty chair often…no way…not Noey…he’s too tweet =).

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