Oh yes, it’s ladies’ night…

So, yesterday, Wina, Krissy, Mich, La La and I went to see ‘He’s just not that into you‘. Thank God, for great company, because I was so disappointed by the movie.

So the evening began with a trip to Yorkdale which included store browsing and ohh la la a trip to Sephora (as you walk in you literally hear the angels singing…lol).

Then sadly, we had to leave Sephora….and head to the movie.

BTW – let me go on the record by saying that I’m getting old. And here’s why I struggled to find my entry ticket…check this…to find which piece of paper was the right one, I literally had to tilt the ticket back, squint and look down…I am getting old! But I digress…

The movie itself wasn’t what I thought it would be…there was A LOT of talking…no, really, like ‘I-thought-it-was-a-documentary’ kind of talking. Not to mention it was irritating to see women portrayed as brainless, boy-crazy beings who are unable to think straight when it comes to the men. But the truth is, sometimes, by not speaking the truth to our girlfriends who confide in us, because we’re concerned about their ‘fragility’ (is this even a word) we can unknowingly enable such behavoiur.

So, while the movie didn’t live up to my expectations, I
– enjoyed hanging out with the ladies
– appreciate that my friends nor I can relate to any of the characters in the movie except of course for having multiple methods of maintaining contact (facebook, cell, blackberry, email, work, etc)
– have a renewed commitment to speaking the truth in love…which at the end of the day is what we all really need = ).

  1. thx for accompanying me to my first of many sephora visits. i was so excited to try out the new make-up that i played with it as soon as i got home!!! maybe next ladies night should involve a visit to sephora and winners (b/c i want wina’s purse) and a discussion over dinner about OUR version of how ‘he’s just not that into you’ should have really read!

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