I got home a bit early on Wednesday and decided to watch Oprah. Probably wasn’t the best idea, cause it was so sad to see how the economy is affecting so many people in the US. Lisa Ling (the roving reporter) did a special on ‘Tent Cities’. I mean, things are so bad in the US (and probably in Canada too), people are living in tents that they put up on unoccupied land.

Wow! I was amazed, shocked, hurt…totally weirded out. I mean, really? Really? Are you serious? Is this really happening in the US? The funny thing is when Lisa was interviewing these individuals, and asked about their families, most of them had adult children who had no idea where they were living, some even called their kids once a week ‘to check in’! Are you serious?!?!?!?!

How is this even possible? How does a child get to the point, where they don’t know where their parents live or have a contact number for them? And how do parents let it get to this point? To quote one lady: ‘I don’t want to burden him’ was her response to why she doesn’t ask her son for help…really?

Maybe it’s just the culture that I don’t get, or maybe it’s pride. But as long as I am able to, I will support my parents when they need it. I mean after all, didn’t they take care of me, supplied everything I needed and lots of the things I wanted? They’ve done without, so that I can have…it’s the least I can do…it’s my obligation to them.

But until that time, I’m super, eternally, deeply grateful for my blessings. For my husband, sons, mom, dad, sisters, nieces, nephews, brothers, family, church, friends, home, job, cars, food, clothes, nail polish (lol), Vangie…the list literally goes on and on. I’m mostly grateful, that if I’m ‘missing in action’ for more than 1 day, I will get calls, emails, texts to check in…it reassures and makes me happy that if I do end up in a tent city…I will be found…wait a minute, maybe not, cause I won’t have all that stuff. Oh well, totally a non-issue…because I believe with all my heart one of grandmother’s favourite saying: ‘I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed go begging bread.’ I’m committed to leading a life that pleases God, and claiming His Word, so that my ‘seed’ won’t go begging bread…

I’m typing this as Dreamgirls is playing on TV…no word of a lie…We are a Family is on right now…so I’ll end this post with some of the lyrics…yeah, you know I had to look it up, because I never know the words to songs!

“It’s more than you, it is more than me. No matter what, we are a family”.

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