What a day!!!!

Well, the good news is that Isaiah lost another tooth…and we didn’t bring him to the dentist this time…nuh-uh…Rob pulled the tooth out himself! Yeah baby…it was so smooth, so seamless, so painless…I think I freaked out more than him (inwardly though…I had a pleasant look on my face the entire time). After the tooth was pulled, Noah said he had a loose tooth and Isaiah was trying to get it out for him. So it seems like we’ll only have to do this for one child, cause Isaiah will be fully trained to do it for Noah when it’s his turn! Nice…that was easy!

Then, I proud to let you know that my interior decorating skills have finally emerged. After 5 years of living at our home, I’ve finally changed the light fixtures and the ceiling fan in the family room. My cousin DaVonne will be soooooooo excited when she visits. I actually think she’ll be very proud of what we’ve done. You see DaVonne was the one that painted the entire house for us (except the kids rooms…Uncle Victor did those…you remember right?), I had absolutely no problem living with the ‘builder white walls’ but DaVonne and Rob thought differently. Anyway, one week…might have been our birthday week actually (we’re 5 days apart), DaVonne came down and did the full paint job for us. She choose the colours and everything…she’s awesome.

You see the thing I’ve come to realize is that we all have different gifts…I’ll cook (and sometimes clean) anyday, in a heart beat…but trying to creatively come up with options to make a space look warm and cozy…yeah…hmmm…not my cup of tea! But it is DaVonne’s and for that I thank her, cause she has inspired me…even if it took 2 years to come to fruition.

So…thanks Dave! When are you coming to visit?????

  1. you’re most welcome! i’m not sure when i’ll be down but i can’t wait to see what you’ve done now!

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