Not on my bucket list…

…getting kicked out of a restaurant!

Okay, okay…I’m being melodramatic (Rob chimes in: as usual)…we weren’t exactly literally kicked out, but Mich and I were asked politely to leave since the table was needed.

In retrospect, I guess two and a half hours on a Friday evening for dinner was a bit much…especially since we both have ‘very healthy’ appetites and were finished eating in under an hour. Needless to say, we were stunned. There were several clues that this ‘conversation intervention’ was about to take place, apart from the 2 different sets of diners who were seated to the left and right of us, who ordered, ate, paid and left before us.

Here’s how the ‘conversation intervention’ went down:
1) I noticed a ‘new lady’ being escorted around the restaurant by one of the waitstaff. She did a quick walk around then went back into the kitchen so I then lost track of her
2) Even though we had already paid and had our take-out bagged and on the table, another waitstaff came by with the dessert menu and asked if we wanted dessert. We really should have known at this time, since her attitude was not the nicest when we politely said ‘No, thank you’…but really who gets asked to leave a restaurant…furthest thing from our mind.
3) After about 10 mins, the same ‘new lady’ I saw earlier came by and asked us to leave, because they needed our table since there was a wait at the door.

So, very calmly we laughed about it, gathered our stuff and proceeded towards the front. On the way to the front, every waitstaff we passed thanked us for our visit. I want to say I’ll never visit that restaurant again, but it’s a great restaurant and we usually have a good experience, and I too would have been a bit impatient if I were the customers who were waiting for ‘those two girls’ to leave.

But I bet in Italy, they don’t ask patrons to leave, because theirs is a culture where they totally get food and conversation goes hand in hand…lol. I know you’re wondering ‘is she okay? did she just mention Italy out of the clear blue sky?’…yes I did and here’s why…

On my bucket list is a trip to Italy for my 40th birthday. I don’t want to sight see, shop or even learn Italian…I just want to eat there…ever notice how ‘healthy’ Italians are? That’s because they truly enjoy food with friends and family in an uninterrupted environment and reckless abandon! I know I might be painting an entire set of countrymen with one brush, but it’s a good painting isn’t it? On second thought, don’t answer that…

  1. I cant wait for pics on the bucket list trip to Italy. I’ve started working on items on my bucket list. I even let folks know this is on my bucket list and here I am. It feels great to be working on one’s bucket list ❤

  2. ok i must say, trish and i have been to this restaurant several times in the past and have always had a pleasant dining experience, but for whatever reason, last night was quite odd. as we gave the waitress our order, this woman was trying to convince us that the dishes we picked were less than perfect. her facial expressions were nothing but ones of disgust for our choices and ability to select ‘authentic’ malay food. we tried telling her we have eaten there before and looooved trying new and tasty dishes, but as she walked away, we looked at each other scared that we were saying that more to convince ourselves that we were going to enjoy that food just to spite her! needless to say, the food came and it was absolutely divine. said waitress even came back to hover over us to find out our assessment of the food and didn’t hide her surprise when we said we loved it! but more enjoyable than the food was the company. with our busy lifestyles and juggling of work, kids, family and friends, we may not get to do our one-on-one tnm time too often, but when we do…. quality is second to none!

    countdown to italy begins now!

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