I really need to stop planning…

I always have a plan…ALWAYS. I’m not really the spontaneous kind…and even when I’m ‘spontaneous’ I try to pre-plan it.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the boys always say to me ‘Mom, what’s the deal today?’ That’s because in the morning I say to them ‘Boys…this is the deal today’ as I ramble on about the days plans.

Today, the ‘deal’ was supposed to be:
Quiet Time
Play Time

Then, Rob suggested taking the boys to see Monsters vs Aliens to give me time to rest and get dinner started. I thought…that sounds good, let’s do it.

We got home, the boys checked the movie time and planned to go to the 2:30 show. I got lunch started, Rob went to pick up some stuff for dinner and the boys were playing.

Then…the phone rings…I answer…its our pastor on the other line. He was very sick at church today and I’m thinking ‘why is he calling us?’. Here’s the conversation:

T: Hello
PJ: Hey Trish
T: How are you feeling?
PJ: Well, I’m sick as a dog.
T: Awww (thinking, does he want me to pray for him…what’s up already!)
PJ: So, I have 2 tickets for the Raptors game today. I wanted to give them to you guys since I can’t make it.
T: Really? You sure?
PJ: Yeah…they’re playing Chicago…can you make it?
T: Yeah for sure…thanks so much. Hope you feel better.
PJ: Okay call me when you’re on your way to come get the tickets.
T: Will do…thanks again!

So, in about 2 mins, my plan was changed. Now, Rob will be taking Noah to the game and I’ll be going to the movies with Isaiah. Even though, my plans were changed, I’m not that disappointed about this because Wednesday Dad gave Rob tickets for him and Isaiah to see the Raptors game. Noah (of course) was very disappointed that he didn’t get to go and I told him that the next time he’d get to go with Daddy. So I’m happy that Noah didn’t have to wait until next season for my promise to come through.

And believe it or not Monsters vs Aliens was pretty fun..I love that the heroine was a girl, cause Isaiah has this thing that girls can’t do much. Weird…because does he know who his mom is?

  1. sometimes the best made plans are those that are not planned in advance! (this, of course, coming from a fellow planner) gotta love premeditated spontaneity 😉

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