I love my job!

Really I do!

Today at our team meeting we all got assigned an ‘assassination target’ (a co-worker) and these rules of engagement:

1. At all times in the game a Ninja will be attempting to assassinate another Ninja AND be on the run from their own assassin
2. A ninja can assassinate their target in 2 ways:
In person: by whispering the words “ You have been Ninja assassinated” while the target is alone. If someone witnesses the assassination, it was not a successful assassination and the assassin must try again – this assassination method must be used if the Ninja and the target work in the same location
Over the phone: by whispering the words “ You have been Ninja assassinated” – This assassination method can only be used if the Ninja and target are in different locations
3. Ninja Protection can be used over the phone. If the potential target says “Ninja protection shield activated” before the assassination attempt is made, they are protected for the remainder of the phone call (This rule allows the Ninja’s to remain undercover while performing their day jobs)
4. When you have been assassinated, you are removed from the game. You must give your target to the Ninja who assassinated you. Your assassin is now responsible for assassinating your target
5. You are never to reveal who your target is, or if you were assassinated, who your assassin was
6. The Game starts Today at 1:00pm and ends when we have only 1 remaining Ninja

I thought I would have been the 1st man down, but I’m actually doing pretty good…I’ve assassinated 2 people so far…lol

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