It’s been too long…

I know…it’s been a while. It’s been so long, that when I logged on today, I was informed that I can now blog by email and text messaging! This is awesome…because if I’m too pooped to get online once I get home (which has been the case for the last week), then I can do it right from my personal assistant, aka my blackberry Curve! Me thinks this will come in really handy =)

For the past month or two (oh coming to think of it…maybe it was since ‘the Fish’ died) Isaiah and Noah has had a borderline obsession with death. Yeah, yeah, I know you all think I exaggerate and the obsession bit might be a bit (like a tiny bit) of an exaggeration, but for kids their ages…it’s curious to say the least.

Here are a few of the most recent occurrences:
– Driving one Saturday, Isaiah wanted to know if he can bring his Beary to heaven with him when he dies…
Vangie told me one day that she’s concerned because Noah was asking her if she’ll miss him when he dies…
– Sunday, Isaiah wanted to know if there would be showers in heaven, because he didn’t want to be stinky (lol…I know…this one is too cute)

And while I think I’ve handled the situation(s) to the best that I can, I was a little concerned about why now? why them? and just plain why? But since I started writing this and figured out that this all started with the death of ‘the Fish’, I’m a little more relieved…sometimes you just need a ‘reason’ to make you feel better…lol.

Before I sign off…here’s the most recent conversation of ‘kids say the darndest things’ at our home:
Scene set-up: Isaiah is bouncing a basketball in the family room, Noah is finishing dinner, Rob, Vangie and I are cleaning up.

Me: Isaiah please take the ball downstairs instead of bouncing it in the family room

(Side note: moms with boys…how annoying is the sound of a ball bouncing…continuously bouncing…man…I just can’t get over how annoying that sound is! I deal with it, only because ‘they’re boys’)

Isaiah: (bouncing ensues…no response to my request)

Sound effects *crash* *crying*

Noah: Oh no…
Rob: I need paper towels
Isaiah: (crying)

I then peek into the family room to see what’s up and notice that my vase of flowers has gotten knocked over by the bouncing ball. We start to clean up…

Rob: Isaiah…this is why mom asked you to go downstairs

My thought bubble “No it isn’t…it was the annoying sound, but yes…this could have been avoided too…I better back Rob up on this”

Me: Isaiah, there’s no need to cry, this is just a lesson, that you need to listen and obey when we speak to you. Sometimes you can’t see the end result cause you’re still young, but mom and dad knows…(side note: let’s be honest here…I had no foresight into the vase falling, it was really to get the ball out of ear shot, but Sai will never know that)
Isaiah: Okay mommy…sorry
Me: Sai, bad things happen to people who don’t obey. People who don’t obey rules can get hurt or end up in jail…
Isaiah: Okay mommy…
Noah: But Jesus dies for our sins right?
Me: Yes Noey…you’re right.

Priceless…there’s a lesson in everything…lol

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