So I’m with Isaiah at his music school and I can’t believe I didn’t make this decision sooner.

He was taking piano lessons from a neighbour since last summer, but he couldn’t have been more uninterested in it! And you all know how much Isaiah loves music, instruments and anything that makes sounds (TVs included).

Anyway we made the decision about 3 weeks ago to pull him out, not knowing where he’d go. Then one day after we were driving home after registering him for basketball, we passed by this little store front that had ‘Create Music’ on the door. I called and left a voicemail, they called back. Eugene (he’s the music teacher and yes LaLa…I’m keeping a close eye) said to me: “Does Isaiah want to playing classical music or rock and roll?”. Hahaha…I knew we were off to a great start because Isaiah definitely wants to rock and roll! We came in for a visit…signed him up.

Isaiah’s in love with music again…he just did 10 mins on the guitar…awesome if I should say so myself…now he’s playing chords on the piano. I can’t wait for Noah to start…it’ll be beautiful! Not a big focus on theory at this point…the goal is more to let him enjoy the instruments and the making of music….brilliant!

If only they had ‘Create Music’ when I was growing up…I may not have dropped out of piano 😦

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