Enjoy now

My children are a great source of my happiness. They bring me joy and smiles in most unassuming of moments.

Sometimes as a mom, I doubt whether or not I’m doing a good job.

Will my children grow up okay?
Will they be well-grounded?
Will they be polite, nice human beings?
Will they make me proud?
Will they be successful?
Will they have good things to say about me when they get older?

It’s like a constant fear of failing…through them. And when we’ve got such busy evenings and quality time with them sometimes consists of getting homework done at the dinner table followed immediately by bed…those fears suddenly quadruple.

But there are times, they say or do the nicest things that make me think…’they’re going to be okay!’ Noah’s now most famous words to me ‘Mommy…you’re too beautiful for me’…words that I once thought was him mammaguying (Trini word for appeasing) me, I now think comes from the bottom of his little heart. And if you feel differently, please do not hurt my ego. šŸ™‚

It was just one reassurance that the kids might be okay after all…no need for me to worry…just…ENJOY NOW!

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