Who’s that pretty girl in the mirror there?

Sephora is THE BEST store in the whole entire world….or at least in my opinion. 

S – shop that is
E – essentially
P – perfect to make me
H – happy for hours
O – on end
R – rarely noticing
A – all the time going by

So…in case you didn’t get it by now, Sephora is to me, what basketball ‘was’ to Rob…lol.

I absolutely love going into that store…so many things to smell, test, check out.It has officially replaced Shoppers Drug Mart in my life, which IS NOT a good thing, because the prices so aren’t Shoppers Drug Mart prices.

Any recently I was in search of a natural line to use on my face. So into Sephora I went in search of the perfect facial products. After much deliberation and return trips and internet searches…I settled with Korres.

Their products are:
-all natural…no chemicals
-made in Greece…I envision some cheery lady who knows the true value of herbs and natural products crafting these potions in her home…
-yummy smelling
-and worth every dime!

Now that I’ve fallen in love and purchased these products…I have to find another reason to visit Sephora…

Lip gloss, blush, eye shadow…oh my!

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