School is cool…

Took the boys to 7/11 to get slurpees. Got 3 small slurpees and had a coupon for 1 free medium slurpee. The ‘special’ cashier refused to accept the coupon for one of my small slurpees…she was quite confused when I explained that she was actually better off giving me a small slurpee for the free medium coupon I had. I remembered my dad saying ‘never argue with a fool because people won’t know the difference’, so I simply got a medium cup, put my small slurpee cup into the medium cup and went back to the register. I paid for my 2 small slurpees and the cashier was as happy as a pig in mud, allowing me to redeem my coupon for the ‘medium’ cup with a small slurpee inside. Of course that was a most perfect ‘teaching moment’ for my kids about the importance of staying in school.

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