Thinking outside the box

Sometimes…actually no…most of the times, it’s ‘easier’ to do things the way they’ve always been done.  But sometimes, if you think outside the box (as ‘they’ say), you can potentially open up yourself to a whole new world of experiences.

Today I went for lunch with some friends, one of them asked for a salmon avocado handroll, the server said she didn’t think it could be done but she’d ask.  Wouldn’t you know it…she came back with a salmon handroll and announced that the kitchen staff couldn’t prepare the salmon avocado handroll.  Are you kidding me?  It was as simple as adding avocado to the salmon handroll!

Here’s the conversation that followed:

Server: Sorry the kitchen couldn’t the salmon avocado handroll
A: Really?  That’s weird.  Can I have a side of avocado?
Server: Yes, I can do that.
A: Perfect, I’ll show you how it’s done

*server brings avocado*
*friend creates her own salmon avocado handroll*

All of us ‘serve’ in some way or another. We serve our spouses, kids, families, friends, employers…try thinking outside the box and see good things come your way.susi

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