On Purpose

Earlier this year, our team at work was asked to come up one word to describe our focus for the year, based on this article.  Being that I’m never at a lost for words, this exercise was extremely difficult for me as I couldn’t find just one word that I wanted my entire year’s focus to be based on.  I thought of excel, success, efficient, best…you know the usual suspects when it comes to being successful in life.  But how can I choose just one?  I ended up choosing ‘Monday’…well that took a lot of explaining to the team.  It wasn’t a verb or an adjective, it was a noun.  But a noun that encompassed every verb or adjective that I wanted to embody this year.

So, that was work.  I got to thinking about my personal life, because that was a whole other story.  I mean unlike work, I have a life partner and two dependents that I need to think about…I can’t hardly be as selfish with this word as I was with my work word.  It couldn’t be all about me.  And my ‘aha’ moment came last night.  My word for 2013 is – not one word but rather two – ON PURPOSE.


I commit that everything I do this year will be on purpose.

I will (in no order of priority):

  • love God on purpose
  • pray more on purpose
  • love more on purpose
  • care on purpose
  • laugh on purpose
  • hug on purpose
  • serve on purpose
  • remain calm on purpose
  • encourage on purpose
  • be optimistic on purpose
  • take care of my health on purpose
  • visit with family and friends on purpose
  • stay connected with family and friends on purpose
  • volunteer on purpose
  • learn/try something new on purpose
  • cook on purpose
  • be more patient on purpose
  • save more on purpose
  • stick to my budget on purpose
  • enjoy life on purpose
  • help those in need on purpose
  • disconnecting from my phone on purpose
  • sparkle on purpose


Ever so often, as I do something from the above list, I’ll write a blog about the experience.  So stay tuned for my journey in ‘Living on Purpose’.

Happy Sunday and keep sparkling.


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