He always asks the best questions!

This evening, Isaiah asked me what I wanted to be when I was younger and what my dream job was. It’s something that I think about hardly ever, except when I go through those ‘I wonder how different my life would be if…’ scenarios in my head.

So…here’s a list of my many dream careers:

My first dream career was to be an astronaut. Always an overachiever, I wanted to be the first Black girl in space. Then Mae whatever-ever-name-is (yeah I still have a tiny bit of hate on for her… I kid…I kid) made it before me and so I thought ‘nah not for me anymore’.

Then I wanted to be a flight attendant (maybe I had a thing for flying?), they were so pretty, always well put together and they got to meet new people everyday! Without a doubt I thought THIS WAS the job for me. Until that day that mum told me that they were simply ‘maids in the sky’ (no offence to any flight attendants who may read this). That dream was over…on to the next.

After that, I think there was a gap in career ambitions because I can’t remember anything until I wanted to be a social worker which was around my high school years. While I believe I’d be the best social worker around if I had followed that dream, I chose against it because of my own sanity.

You see, if you haven’t realized by now, I have a bit of an obsessive personality and I just knew that I’d literally bring all of my ‘cases’ home with me. And to clarify, by ‘cases’ I mean the ‘ people…not the paperwork. Yes, by now, I’d have at least 10 people living in our home, because I tried to ‘save’ them from some horrible life. So, abandoning this career path was a conscious decision in an effort not to mix ‘church’ (my home life)  and ‘state’ (my work).

Now I work in advertising. And I love it. If you would have asked if I ever thought I’d do that, the answer would have been no. The story of how I ended up doing it is in itself pretty funny, so I just might save that for another post. But, I’m here now. I feel like it fulfills bits and pieces of why all of my past ‘dream careers’ (well except the astronaut one). I get to look pretty and make pretty ads that helps people figure out important life decisions such as which mobile phone to buy (hahaha…I’m JOKING about the mobile phone bit!).

The more eloquent way of putting this would be ‘I help people challenge themselves and their thoughts by giving them the tools to make decisions about their purchases and ultimately their lives. Oh! And I do it very fashionable way, everyday’.

Yeah, that doesn’t work either…gimme a minute let me think about this.

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