Someone please tell me what the big deal is?

I’m getting pretty fed up about news about Beyonce’s assumed lip syncing at the inauguration. I mean of all the things we could be taking about in the world and 3 days later and this is STILL news?

I mean…what’s the big deal?

Haven’t we all worn make-up, died our hair, worn hair extensions, applied nail polish or whitened our teeth…among other things to seem more appealing? More put together? Pray tell…what’s the difference?

By no means am I a Beyonce stan (as the younger generation may say), truth be told I’m not sure what the hoopla about her is anyway? I remember have intense discussion with my girl friend Ayesha about how I didn’t think she could sing. In my defense, this was in her Destiny Child days and I wouldn’t really know a good singer, not to mention an appropriate song, if it hit me over the head! After all, Next’s song ‘Wifey’ is the highlight of my wedding video!

Anyway, I digress. This business of Beyonce and whether she lip synced or not needs to end right now…actually it needed to never have been the issue it has become. Find something else to obsess about. I mean seriously!

Coming to think of it, why don’t you figure out a way to get invited to sing at the inauguration of the Leader of the Free World and show us how it’s done without lip syncing.

*end rant*

I’m off to polish my nails now…it has a way of calming me down πŸ˜‰


  1. I totally agree with you TinyTDot! Truth be told, it’s not like she is a horrible singer. We’ve seen what she can do live and she is an incredible singer and performer. The weather was ridiculously cold and she didn’t want to jeopardize her sound, period. In light of the discovery, the whole drama with the ear monitor might have been a bit much, but again, it’s a performance and that’s what she did; she performed. Now would I have chosen that route personally? No. But I’m watching her on TV, she’s not watching me so who cares? Seriously.

    On the other hand, the way the cameras focused on her throughout the inauguration, you would think that she was the POTUS; she got almost as much air time. The world has really put her on a pedestal as though she is somehow the answer to world peace. Jay-Z and Beyonce are like royalty and this whole lip-synching debacle has brought shame to the throne. We really need to move on to some other topic now.

    I hope the nail painting calmed you. I’m sure it did, especially if you had some of those ‘ghetto love songs’ playing in the background!

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