Falling more in love with Joe…

So you all know I love nail polish.  If someone asked me if I’d rather a different outfit everyday of the week or perfectly manicured nails, hands down I’d choose nails.  Manicured nails complete outfits for me…it’s the final touch that makes you look polished (no pun intended).  When The Oprah Winfrey show was on, I remember being in awe that her nails were never done! Yes, yes I know I have issues. But a woman of her stature really should never go bare nailed!

Anyway, usually I buy really good ‘brand name’ nail polishes because I change the colour so often and I really want to take care of the nail below.  However, there’s this brand called Joe Fresh.  It’s seriously the most perfect brand for everyday stuff for the kids and for me.  Generally speaking, the things I have purchased from Joe are worth every dime I saved when people give me compliments, only for me to say ‘Oh, this? It’s Joe Fresh!’

A few years ago, Joe added cosmetics to their line.  I’ve been a tad hesitant to try it because…well…you know…clothes are one thing, but cosmetics…ahhh not so much.  I’ll spend good money on cosmetics (sometimes a bit too much to be honest!).  Anyway, last night I actually made the leap.

First things first, 3 bottles of colour for $10! Mind you, the bottles are tiny, tiny, compared to what I usually get, but after considering it, it’s probably the perfect size for someone who changes their nail polish as often as I do. I mean, sometimes I throw out half full bottles of nail polish because they’re not ‘good’ anymore. So a smaller bottle might be just fine…and did I mention I can get 3 colours (3. colours.) for $10? I can see the savings already.  $10 is usually what I pay for 1 bottle that’s ‘kinda’ on sale.

Here are the 3 colours I got: Mint, Prune, Plaster


I also got a super large bottle of remover for $3 (compared to a MUCH smaller bottle from the ‘other’ brand that I used to buy for…gosh just writing this is making me fall more in love with Joe!)


Last night, I chose Plaster.


Overall, I’m very satisfied with the coverage I got from 2 coats, so now it’s just to see just how long this manicure will last.  In order to do a true test, I solemnly vow not remove the nail polish until it starts to chip…on its own…with now outside influence from me ;).


So, let’s run this down:

  1. Good coverage
  2. Smooth application (no bubbling)
  3. Great colour intensity after 2 coats
  4. Wicked colour line up
  5. Functional names (I mean…let’s be honest, you know what you’re gonna get with ‘Mint’ or ‘Prune’ or ‘Plaster’)
  6. All that at a fraction of the price I usually spend

I’ve just fallen in love with a different side of ‘Fresh’


  1. Is Plaster the colour on your nails in the picture of your hand holding Plaster? I think it is and IF it is, it looks REALLY nice. I think the mint woud look smashing too. Have you tried their foundation? I would be curious how that is.

    1. It’s the taupey colour. I’m trying their sheer tints now and it’s great. Just the right amount of coverage. I don’t use foundation, but if I were you I’d give it a try. Even if you don’t love…the investment wasn’t that great. And if you love…the savings will be great!

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