Judgey Judgey…

Sometimes as parents we can be so hard on ourselves!  I guess I’ll have to wait to see what it’s like as the boys get older, but for now I feel like all eyes are on me a large percentage of the time.  If I talk about one of the boys more than the other, is that a bad thing?  What about pictures…gotta make sure they have the same number of pictures! And volunteering for school trips…how many did I do for Sai’s class again last year, gotta make sure I do the same for Noey. Oy!  So much, so much!

On Friday, the boys had their annual physical at their doctor.  Oh. My. Gosh.  The weigh-in and the height check…the nerves, you would have though I was the one being weighed in!  I know I can’t do anything much about their height, but their weight (sigh).  All pictures without shirts, are perfect specimens to count how many ribs they have.  Let’s see…there’s 1, 2, 3…getting the hint?  I mean like LITERALLY you can count their ribs.  Beach pictures are always sure to get comments from family members “You gotta feed those boys!”. And my reply in my head “If you ONLY knew how much the boys eat!”.  Most adults would die to have the metabolism of these kids, but in all honestly, sometimes I too get concerned.

Anyway, first up Sai. Weight – 33.8 kg. Height – 148 cm.  Doctor says he’s in the 60th percentile for weight, 90th percentile for height. Nothing much to be concerned of there.  He’s just a skinny, tall kid and hey, anything over 50 is a pass right?

Next up Noey. Weight 23.4 kg. Height 98 cm. Doctor says he’s in the 40th percentile for weight (heart drops…that’s below 50…Houston we’ve got a problem!) and 60th percentile for height.  I’m in mild panic mode, the doctor on the other hand is unfazed by Noey’s weight. He finishes their check up and says ‘Both boys are looking great, you’re doing a great job!’


So there WAS nothing to be concerned about after all?

Maybe it’s human nature, you know, who doesn’t ‘tidy’ the house before the cleaning lady comes over, or who doesn’t go on a flossing binge before a dentist’s appointment.  We all, at some point or another, get that feeling of all eyes are on us.  I mean caring for ourselves is one thing, but having the responsibility of little lives is another.  It’s important for me that I do a great job with the boys. That I provide for their every need.  That they grow up to be healthy, happy, well-adjusted citizens of this world (I mean after all I AM raising the future Leader of the Free World and a kid who thinks $10 Million is peanuts!).  Simply put, I want my gold star in parenting!

Recently I read this article about Confident Parenting, I’m going to try to take a note or two from this article and chill a little, have a little faith.  Cause in the end, it always works itself out, doesn’t it?  I mean what height and weight percentile were you when you were growing up?  I triple dare you to ask your parents, if you get an answer…dinner might be on me ;).


  1. It’s crazy how much pressure we put on ourselves as parents! I’m happy to hear your docs reaction,,, totally appropriate! They sound nice & healthy! I believe being overweight is praised in children, especially boys, for some reason, but health is really what it’s all about! My pediatrician just told me that tall & thin kids are healthy people. I’ll take it!! Cute post!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Appreciate it. I’m trying to worry less and ‘be’ more, because yes, the pressure of parenting is too much sometimes. But the rewards and pay off are worth it.

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