Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door – Coco Chanel

While Coco Chanel is one of the greatest icons in the world of fashion, she’s had her share of quotable lines…most time they are about fashion and other times just about life itself.

Interesting no? I mean, on one hand we’ve all heard the saying time and time again that nothing is impossible. Specifically, in my life it’s been more like ‘With God, all things are possible’…and I really do believe it. Hey…I even tell the boys that ‘I can’t’ shouldn’t be a part of their vocabulary, because they can do anything they put their mind to.

So can you really ‘beat on a wall to transform it into a door’ or is it a waste of time?

Do you think that the wall you want to be transformed must ‘accept’ or ‘cave in to’ the transformation process or you’re likely wasting your time or is it all about your attitude or your process that will dictate the outcome?  Is it both? Or is it not that simple at all?

I’d say is that it is possible – with the right attitude (i.e. tools for this wall illustration) and along with changes to the process.  The way I see it, with the right attitude (tools), and tweaks to your process, things can go one of two ways (please don’t judge on the next 2 statements, it’s only my opinion since I’m not an engineer):

  1. If the wall has supporting beams in key places, you’ll begin to see through to the other side, and maybe even eventually you can put the frame for the door in place with minimum disruption
  2. Or on the other hand, if the wall doesn’t have enough supporting beams in place, the wall will begin to crumble. Then you’re left with a huge mess. But the beautiful part of that mess is that you can begin to rebuild, piece by piece, as you leave enough space for the door.

I think if you want something bad enough, keep working towards it, makes sure your attitude is right and try different approaches.  Chaos most often comes before the breakthrough.


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