Guest Post: Just Do It

Today’s post will be from a friend of ‘too-many-years-to-count’. I was talking to Kamilah last night, telling her I wanted to add some guest bloggers to this space because I wanted people to see what fantastic friends I have!  15 hours later I had her post in my mailbox!

So here’s my first ever guest blogger, a ‘super-friend’, a member of my village and someone who inspires me to just DO!


Hello!  My name is Kamilah, and I am privileged to be a part of Tiny’s village.  When she asked me to write a guest post I instantly knew that I had to take this opportunity to thank her for putting a name to my experience.  Last year was a challenging one in our household, but one that renewed my sense of purpose.  Formerly a ‘proud lazy girl’, I suddenly found myself no longer content to idle away my evenings and weekends.  Through sheer necessity, Pinterest, and my favourite blogs I found myself inspired to DO.

And so began my journey into Doing It mYself!  No longer would I just read about cool DIY projects, I would actually do them.  Yes, we had delved into the DIY world once or twice – hardwood floors and the kitchen back splash, but this was different.  This wasn’t the once a year project that we would have rather paid someone else to do.  This new wave of DIY was woven into my daily life.  I could dedicate an hour in the evening to a coat of paint!  I could knit while watching TV!   I could complete any project, big or small, if I was willing to apply myself with purpose.

So, here are the top five things that my new and improved life with purpose has taught me.

  1. Power tools ROCK!  At first I was afraid, I was petrified… but once I understood the safety requirements I was hooked.  Power drill, chop saw, hand sander – bring it on!  I’m hoping for a sawzall for my birthday (fingers crossed), and you should really count a sewing machine and glue gun among the tools that every girl needs in her arsenal.
  2. If you hate it, change it.  Now. I have hated our kitchen cabinets since we moved in nine years ago.  A complete renovation was not in the budget, but a few cans of paint were.  I procrastinated for years, afraid that the after would look worse than the before.  It took me five weeks to settle on a colour, countless hours of researching techniques, and numerous trips to multiple paint retailers to chat up the experts.  Eventually I took the chance and I am so glad I did.  Research and patience resulted in a job I am truly proud of.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.
  3. Paint is your best friend. Your DIY project doesn’t have to be permanent or expensive.  A single $10 canister of Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, a screwdriver, and I was on my way to the door knobs I’ve been drooling over in magazines.  A single pint of black paint transformed my bathroom cabinets, the island in my kitchen, and a huge frame for a mirror – all for around $17.  Most paint retailers have ‘o0ps’ choices available for as little as $3, so there is no excuse not to experiment a little!
  4. YouTube can teach you anything.  Knitting, crochet, and sewing are three skills I have added to my DIY repertoire in the past year thanks (in part) to YouTube.  Hats, scarves, superhero masks, skirts, pillow covers – all thanks to the kind people who share their knowledge through video tutorials.
  5. Just do it.  There is nothing more satisfying than making a plan, implementing it, and admiring the results.  It doesn’t matter what the project is, you will gain a sense of accomplishment from watching its progress, and finally completing it – even if the results aren’t perfect.  Paint that glass vase that you haven’t taken out since it arrived.  Throw up some wallpaper.  Clean the grout with that stranger-endorsed concoction.  You’ll see, it’s worth it.


How great was that?  Now go out there…pick a project and just DO!

Here’s a pic of LaLa in her kitchen – back splash and painted cabinets done all by ‘little miss DIY’ (with a little help from hubby…lol)!



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