You’ve got a friend in me…

If you read my ON PURPOSE post, you’ll remember that one of my ways to live out my ‘one word’ was to ‘visit with family and friends on purpose’. Studies show that people with healthy social lives/close relationships are often the happiest. No duh right?!

I’m often in amazement at these ‘studies’ because sometimes the findings seem so obvious.  You mean to tell me that you took a group of people, assessed their lives, happiness levels and friendships and concluded that those with close friendships were happier than those without? Will that’s just brilliant! Did you get paid to do this? If so, where can I sign up…I’d like to do a study and conclude the obvious.  I know I’ve already digressed and it’s only the second paragraph, but really, what’s the joy of reading this without a Tricia-ism?

I’ve got great memories of spent with friends…partly because I have such fantastic friends! One of the most classics memories was one night playing Catch Phrase – Jamie had to get us to say ‘quiche’ and his clues to us were ‘rhymes with sheesh’ and ‘something rich people eat!’ Are you serious? I can’t really recall how much further the game went, but I do remember everyone being doubled over with laughter at these clues when we did actually uncover that the word was ‘quiche’. You probably had to be there to get this moment, but it certainly makes me smile when I think of that night.

Anyway, Saturday was an ‘ON PURPOSE: visit with friends’ day for me.  It started out with a lunch date with the girls at Yorkdale (I also got to treat myself at Holts’ which made the parking situation at this mall a tad easier to endure).  The laughs started from even before we even saw each other.  Lunch was for 1pm (or so Mich and I thought) and Wina tweets at 12:59pm that she’s leaving home (30 mins away) and her new years resolution is to be on time.  Sweetie…you have 1 second to get here!  Once she got there, she convinced us that lunch was supposed to be at 1:30pm not 1pm, so she was actually early! She should have been a lawyer that girl! Lunch was great! We caught up on each others lives, laughed a lot, cried a little and in the safety of friends admitted our biggest fears and what keeps us up at night.

Later that evening, I visited with a ‘new-ish’ friend, Robyn.  I met Robyn maybe about 2 years ago, during ‘parent day/wrap day’ at our church’s VBS.  I just remember thinking how absolutely gorgeous and poised she was. Since that meeting, we’ve gotten to know each other very well and figured out we have much more in common than I originally thought we did. Saturday evening, we had dinner, wine, chatted, built a fire (that didn’t last very long…she’ll say she didn’t have enough kindling wood, not sure if I’m sold…though I will give her another chance to prove herself since I cannot build a fire! What? You don’t just flick a switch for a fire in your fireplace?!) and of course, we did our nails accompanied with hand and foot massages. The perfect ending to a perfect day actually.

I don’t know what I’d do without my friends and I’m so thankful for each and every one of them.  While all very different – some of them I hug a wee bit longer than others – they all bring smiles, happiness and warmth to my life.  My wish is that they can say the same of me.


T (purposefully a social, (therefore?) happy girl!)

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