What’s in a name?

Beyonce, Lady Bey, Queen B announced her 2013 World Tour.  The name?  Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

Arguably the best female performer in the world, who made a name for herself long before she was married to Jay-Z, decided to brand what would likely be her biggest tour to date (cause let’s face it, they only gets better with time) as ‘her husband’s name’.  Mind you, Jay-Z doesn’t even go by Shawn Carter.  So why?

Seriously, this isn’t like some fly by night celebrity who needs the backing of a huge name to sell tickets.  She’ll sell out auditoriums regardless of the name she goes by.  So, this got me thinking…

When I got married, taking on Rob’s last name, wasn’t so much about tradition, but about the fact that I was now his wife, his family, as I ‘left’ my birth family to start a family of our own.  I did so, because in him, I found a man who shared my passion for live, love and laughter.  A man I knew would support me, my dreams, my goals, my visions.  A man who I could depend on forever…good times and bad.  A man I knew would make a great dad to our future children.  A man who I was willing to commit to for life.  A man who my parents, family and other close friends, knew beyond a shadow of a doubt was worthy. Not to mention, as my name would dictate, I’d always be ‘W’right…never wrong :).

By the same token (hopefully), Rob, when he decided that I ‘was the one’, was looking for someone who would honour his family’s name, who would represent the Wright name well as previous generations had and still do.  Someone with whom he could share the joy of life and continue the Wright lineage with pride.  Someone who would support his dreams and encourage him to reach for the stars.  Someone who would be his forever.  (Note: I may be speaking out of turn here – though I highly doubt it – but if you’re doubtful, please ask Rob his reasons, if you know him, if you don’t you’ll just have to take my word for it :))

Regardless of why Beyonce made the decision to name her tour “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour”, I say good on Jay-Z for making her proud to be Mrs. Carter and good on her for representing his name well!


Mrs. Wright

  1. Your birth family could have done all that and more for you (lol) … BUT truthfully speaking Rob is ‘the right’ one not only for you but for your entire birth family too. We have been blessed double double .

    You have an outstanding husband and we have a remarkable son in Rob!!!!

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