Love to love you…

Finally!  I found Essie Sleek Sticks.  Ever since this product launched I’ve been waiting to try it.  I’ve tried the Sally Hansen product, so I couldn’t wait to try Essie’s.

I would have purchased more, but they were $14 and so I figured I should make sure I love it before.

My thoughts:

  • Easy removal of the decals from the packaging: 5/5 (bonus cause I thought my age was catching up with me with the Sally Hansen ones)
  • Match to my nail size: 3.5/5 (this is a difficult one, the size matches were close enough)
  • Easy to apply: 5/5

So do I love it? YES!

Would I buy it again: YES! But only for special occasions…$14/manicure is not something I could sustain given how often I change my polish.

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