Life worth living…

Either-write-something-worth-reading-215x199On Sunday, my friend Ron and I were talking about my blog and I was expressing how much I love writing.  I’ve had this blog for many years but this year I made a concerted effort to write more.  Writing is my way of capturing life’s moments.  It’s a bit like photography I guess, except I capture words.  I like to capture photos as well, and I do, but words are much easier for me to work with.  Guess that’s why I’d choose reading a book over watching a movie any day!

Anyway I digress, writing helps me capture  funny moments,  sweet ones,  questionable ones,  pretty ones, complicated ones…and the list goes on.  Not everything finds its way to the blog for various reasons, but most of them do.

Everything that happens to me becomes possible content.  I’m always jotting down notes and sending random texts to my husband (in the event that I don’t have paper handy), in my drive to translate ‘my moments’ into a piece of writing.  While some might see this as me not ‘living in the moment’ because I’m constantly thinking about how I can write about that moment, I see it as the complete opposite.  I’m enjoying the moment even more, because I’m using all my senses (from how I’m feeling to what I’m thinking) to try to immortalize that moment with words.

So, when Ron said to me “A life worth living is a life worth writing about”, I said “I like that!”  I do have a life worth living and I will continue writing about it.

Writing always,


P.S.  Oh…and by the way, thank you for reading!

  1. I never consider writing my forte, I often get writer’s block when I am asked to turn in a paper for a class. But I must agree that writing is emortalizing your memory and even I plan to write my book done day too

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