When plans change…

DSC02992Tomorrow was supposed to be the day that Michelle and I leave on a jet plane for some ‘fun in the sun’!  Michelle is one of my very good friends, it should be noted that she’s also affectionately been called my ‘wifey’.  She plans our joined family trips, she reminds me of PA Days, she reminds me to sign report cards…the list goes on.  Rob thinks I do it all on my own, but he doesn’t see the background workings, the text messages, the emails, the spreadsheets, the travel itineraries (yes…there are travel itineraries down to the hour, which also includes restaurant reservations).  She’s a fantastic mother to her kids and an awesome friend to me.

You see…she’s everything that I can’t be, when I need it the most.  She has such a passion for life and totally lives in every moment.  She forces me to laugh at myself; she respects my advice (ALL the time…no…seriously she does!) and we both do an outstanding job of listening to each others pointless dramas (which I should add, we only classify as ‘pointless’ about 1 week after the ‘drama case’ is closed). But what I’m most proud of is our ability to have entire text message ‘conversations’ with only emoticons!  Like no words, just emoticons!  Those can get out of control, but they’re very, very funny…you should try it some time, it’s amazing how creative we get.

So, when Mich asked me to go on this trip with her to the DR it was a no-brainer.  We would go, we would have a blast and we would return home with lifetime memories.  Last Friday, I learned that Mich’s uncle’s health had taken a turn for the worse, Sunday morning I awoke to the text that he had passed away (not to worry, this text message was all words, my response however did include a few emoticons).  My heart sank for the family; especially the matriarch who is known as ‘Mama’.  Michelle’s family, like mine, is very tight-knit, so I knew without a doubt our trip would be cancelled…and I would have been okay with it.

But, in the midst of Mich organizing travel plans for her own family to go to Florida for the funeral, she took on the added task of calling travel agents, contacting the resort and who knows what else, all to transfer her ticket to Rob’s name.  In the midst of her own unfortunate situation, she worked tirelessly to make sure that I could still go on the trip as planned, except that I’d now be going with my other best friend, my Captain, my Robert (for those who don’t know me…not to worry, these three titles all belong to the same person, my husband).  I know, you’re thinking that I should have done this myself, so she wouldn’t have to, I did ask, but since she planned the trip initially and it was essentially a ‘treat’ for me, she was the one that had to contact all parties (trust me, I feel terribly about how much she had to do).

Three days later and one day before the trip, all is confirmed…and the unbelievable part about it is that, I know in my heart of hearts, as much as she would love to have gone on the trip (cause let’s face it…I’m VERY fun!), she’s happy with the way things turned out.  Cause friendship isn’t about what you can get out of it, but it’s all about what you can do for each other.

Stay tuned wifey…I’m gonna rock your world, just you wait and see!

Just girl who has awesome friends,


P.S. This is the last post for the week…unless I do a surprise post from vacation!

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