ON PURPOSE: Helping a family in need…

Great news. Remember my ON PURPOSE post? Well tonight, an opportunity came about for me to ‘help those in need on purpose’.

2013-03-06 20.44.47While catching up on my Twitter feed, I came across this tweet. The words ‘mom of 4’, and ‘lost everything in a fire’ caught my eye. I had to really ‘read’ this tweet as opposed to the usual ‘scan’ that I’d do.

Here’s the news report. First of all, hats off to all single moms, the ones I’m lucky to know also happen to be the strongest women I know. But that aside, can you imagine being a mother (single or not, or a father even for that matter) of 4 children and you lose everything in a fire? Now imagine being a kid knowing that all that you know, the place that you called home is no longer there? Talk about heartbreaking and being thrown into a state of ‘what now?’

I immediately I reached out to Andrea, admitted that I had no idea where ‘vern’ was and let her know that I was willing to help. It didn’t take a lot of time, it’s not going to take a lot of effort to send some type of financial support to help and I feel so good on the inside for helping.

I’ll likely never meet this woman. We may never cross paths. But knowing that I’ve helped in whatever little way I could is all that really matters. Say a prayer for her and her family tonight…please?

Mom always said that you get more joy when you bless others than when you receive. She was right. But then again, isn’t she always?

On the lookout to help,


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