Your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying

Growing up mom and dad would try in every way possible to tell and SHOW us that our actions speak louder than words.  We grew up being encouraged to SHOW how much we cared, how much we loved maybe even how much we were hurt, as well as saying it.

It’s funny how you begin to see how your childhood frames your life in later years.  Our childhood home also had an ‘open door policy’.  Mom clearly didn’t think that 4 girls were enough to handle, but willingly – and often – opened the door to many other kids (mostly girls) whether it was just for a short play time or for a longer ‘this-room-this-is-where-you-will-be-staying’ time.

These are just some of the things that framed my life.  So fast forward thirty something years, they’ve become ingrained in my very existence.

Last night it occurred to me that ‘I AM MY MOTHER’.  I am a giver.  My home has an open door policy.  I love children.  I love hearing the sounds of laughter throughout our home.  I love feeding them.  I love hugging them.  I love loving them.

At any given time, you can find kids, other than Sai and Noey, in our home.  They come over for play dates, some of which last a couple hours, others turn into a sleepover.  And I love it.  I love being able to give their parent(s) a small break.  A break to just think, a break to do what they’ve been putting on hold for a while, maybe even just a coffee break. It’s my way of showing these families who I love, just how much I care for them.

I’ve never once considered having it done for me. Never. Because knowing that I’ve helped them brings me joy and that’s all I need.  Plus, my parents are close enough for us to do a drop off if we really need it.  Most times though they just ‘announce’ that they’re coming for the boys to give us a bit of a break (they truly are pretty cool parents!).

Now about last night…my both boys went to a friend’s home after school for what was supposed to be a short play date.  That short play date turned into an extended play date.  Rob and I even got chance to go have a mini celebratory dinner for my first online article.  It felt good.  No scratch that.  It felt great!

Mind you, I did keep a close eye on my watch (until Rob held my hand so I’d stop, then I started watching the time on my phone).  But even though in my mind I wanted to hurry to relief this awesome family from having my boys at their place, at no time did I think that it was a burden to that family.

I said to Rob, “Maybe, just maybe this is how people feel when they bring their kids to our home.”  And if it is, I’m happy!  Because while it was great to have that time with Rob (we really could have that any time), what I loved most was knowing that this family kinda cared about us like…a lot.

Feeling loved,


  1. Excellent! It is indeed important to not only use words because they sound good but, there’s a requirement to make our actions speak and back up our words. I do not suppose you are up to me sending Yohann from Trinidad to you for the weekend. LOL!!!

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