City living… of my homes, from childhood to adulthood, have been in suburbs. But there’s something about the city that I love. For March Break, we had a city ‘stay-cation’ and I again was reminded why moving to the city is on my bucket list.

  1. Lots of dining options: Coincidentally, this is also the number one reason why Rob does NOT want us to move to the city, he thinks I lack self-control when it comes to eating (to be honest…I kinda do). I love food. I love trying new restaurants and new cuisines and there just aren’t enough great places in the suburbs.  I mean apart from the big ‘Bar and Grill’ chains and establishments, there aren’t any ‘small-enough-with-an-awesome-vibe-and-equally-awesome-food’ type spots.
  2. Great cultural activities: From art exhibits to film previews, you never run out of things to do. There’s something, suitable for all ages, happening at any time, in the city.  In the suburbs, there’s…I don’t even know what there is, cause I don’t really get out much.
  3. Different people: I’m very intrigued by human interactions. “Look at that cute old couple, wonder how long they’ve been together?”, “I love, love love, that girl’s style!” are some things that I find bubbling up inside me when I’m in the city. In the city, you see people from so many different walks of life. In the suburbs you get that too, but to a different extent…it’s not the same
  4. Walking is a breeze: If you know me, you know that as much as my heart wants to and believes in the necessity of exercise, my spirit is weak when it comes down to it. But in the city, everything is so close that it’s completely asinine to drive anywhere. In the suburbs, walking through the grocery store is about the extent of walking that I do! Maybe I’m making excuses, but walking in the city is just better. And lastly:
  5. The advertising: Shocked much? I doubt it! Being in advertising, I. Love. Ads. Yes, I may get tired of them from time to time, but more often I love seeing ads. I often find myself thinking ‘Wonder what was the brief for that ad? Does it work? Who was the target? Interesting colour choices.” Basically the vibe is electric!

While this is a dream that I hope I’ll be able to experience before the end of my lifetime, for now, I’m perfectly happy:

  • Having a backyard where my kids can play
  • Living on a fairly quiet street where the boys can ride their bikes and I’m not ‘THAT’ concerned for their safety
  • Driving to the supermarket and/or farmers’ market
  • Eating out at ‘that’ food chain (again!)
  • Owning a home that is comfortably sized for my family and not having to be in a smaller space at the expense of city living

But believe you me…one day…I will be a city dweller!

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  1. I have always loved the city too. Not to live in but visiting is so fun. After 22yrs of living here Rachel and I started the serious process of learning down town Portland last yr. (This brings back the memories of going down town with her in her stroller, in winter with her blanket coving the stroller to keep her warm. And going down when she was 3 to see the giant Christmas tree. I guess she and I have been working on this a while) I’ve always been interested but Jim really has a bad attitude about downtown ??? Mind you it’s not really big city but enough to “fustrate” you with pleasure. The parking ??? train lines ??? Expensive!. But the neatest places to eat which I love to do and try lots of different things on the menu. There is always something going on at Pioneer Square to gawk at. Heading to Nordstrom downtown I became an accidential protester in the occupy Portland and stared at by the Police when I decided to gawk 1ft away from their bike brigade. Goal to know downtown like the palm of my hand but will always be a suburbanite. Long live the city girl in us 🙂

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