Flats are the new heel…for me

You all know I’m all energy, love and smiles in a petite 5 foot package.  I might actually be a touch shorter than 5’, but since all my pieces of ID (e.g. passport, driver’s license, etc) list me at 5 feet, that’s what we’ll go with.

Being short comes with its own set of challenges, including (but not limited to):

  1. I have to hem most pants for a proper fit
  2. My kids are thisclose to being taller than me
  3. I’m usually right at armpit level and on the odd occasion this is not ideal given my acute sense of smell
  4. I have many stools strategically placed throughout our home

As if that wasn’t enough, the comments from people about me being ‘tiny and cute enough to fit into their pocket’, seem to just add the final confirmation that I wish I were taller. I’m not talking about a whole foot taller, just a couple of inches (or more precisely 4 inches) will do. The good thing about this wish is that I could make it come true.  Heels do the trick!

Wearing heels helps me achieve two goals in the most perfectly stylish way. First, they amp up any and every outfit and second, they give me the added height.  But I’ve recently found myself veering away from what I used to consider one of my most important fashion accessories for its more practical and efficient sibling – the flat!

2013-03-26 11.50.44After much thought, I’ve come up with a couple of things can contribute to this newfound love. One is that flats are now being created in very cute styles and the second is that efficiency and comfort are moving up my things of ‘must haves’ and flats deliver in ways that heels just can’t.

Whatever the reason, flats are allowing me to comfortably embrace and appreciate my height without sacrificing style. But trust that there will always, always, always, be a place in my heart, wardrobe and closet for a fantastic pair of heels!


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