The gift goes on…

The gift goes on...

‘M’ had a sick puppy this morning. Her day didn’t start off so great. Now she’s doing much better.

Around lunch time ‘M’ mentioned she was going to get some coffee, I asked her to grab me one while she was out.

When she got back, as I was getting out my wallet to repay her, she declined the cash and told me that someone paid it forward for her at the coffee store. As she was about to pay for her coffee, the attendant told her it was paid for. Not believing, she asked why and the attendant said that everyone was paying it forward today for some reason. How great is that?

Good on the person who paid it forward first. I only wish they knew that their one act of kindness was still going strong.

And yes…’M’ did pay it forward. She did however call dibs if anyone wins anything on the Roll Up The Rim.  Ha!


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