A peak inside…

_MG_0265WF SepiaI’m the type of girl who knows what I want and just how to get it. But one area of major indecisiveness is whether my working outside of the home is helping or hurting my boys/family. As the days are different, so are my feelings on this subject. As much as I love my work, I’m exhausted in the evenings, so school projects are postponed for the weekend and anxiety ensues as the ‘weekend-do’ list grows.

Sometimes I question my commitment to family and more importantly the boys. And other times, I believe I’m a better mom to them for doing a job that makes me happy. The guilt is sometimes overbearing, not being able to sign them up for weekday activities because I’m just not going to be home on time. But the joy of seeing another campaign live and knowing that I was there from when it was simply a thought, brings a sense of pride in the work that I do.

Slowly, I’ve come to realize that part of being a mom means that while I wear a brave face that tells the world that I know what I’m doing, inside I question every decision I make and that’s ok, once I own those decisions!

As a woman who happens to be a mom, I’ll try to balance both with as little guilt as possible, because I love my kids AND I love what I do outside the home. Not to mention, the boys seem really proud of what I do!


  1. This is such a hard one. Having become a mom at an “old” age I felt I had a life before and was therefore not cheated. But! I hadn’t finished with me as yet. I’ve been in part time work status since being married and I do love my job. I have accepted that my stds are high(that hasnt changed). The house must always be cleaned, dinner made, yard immaculate, house work done, help with home work etc(unrealistic). I have accepted some things can wait and to recruit the family to help and balance life with fun. I must say I have never regetted being at home and not having Ms. R in day care. A lot of her friends vocalize they wish their folks could do that. I still wonder how a mom with a 5 day a wk job does it. Everyone has a dream tho and everyone’s dream is important in a family. So we do need to allow each other to live their dream. You being happy makes those who care about you happy too …

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