Be More. Do Less.

**As originally published in COCO Magazine**

manifesto - wedAt the beginning of the year, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I opted to choose one word that I’d try to incorporate into everything I did in 2013.  That one word ended up being two words – ON PURPOSE. My goal for 2013 was to do more things ON PURPOSE.

What I’ve come to realize is that ON PURPOSE living means that I have to slow down. Seems pretty obvious right? But here’s the thing, the obvious is not always easy. And for me slowing down definitely isn’t easy.

Modern day conveniences give me false confidence that I can multitask efficiently.  Come on, of course I can reply to a work email ‘real quick’ while helping my son with his homework – that is until I answer ‘yes’ and the answer really is ‘no’ and he’s like ‘Mom are you listening to me?’

My hectic social calendar and super packed schedules also don’t help any.  You see, in my rush to get to the next appointment, basketball game or dinner, I might miss that stunning rainbow or cut off that man that’s on his way to the hospital to visit a sick relative.

Slowing down is hard.  But it’s the only way to live life with any real purpose. When we slow down we notice the things, and usually they’re ‘little things’, that matter:

  • That little girl who is absolutely fascinated by the way her dress twirls in the wind
  • That lady who’s singing and dancing  in her car on the highway, oblivious to the fact that others are watching
  • That dad that patiently complies with the squeal of ‘one more time daddy!’

Cause let’s face it, these little moments of awesome have more positive residual effects and are much more satisfying than completing another campaign or closing another sale.

Literally speaking, we are human ‘be’ings, so let’s live up to our name and ‘be’ more and ‘do’ less. Let’s take the time to be more present, be more thankful, be more observant, be more friendly, be more loving, just BE.

Will you stop and smell the roses today?

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