Things I loved this month…

Backtracking a bit…but April was a month of fantastic birthday celebrations and a trip to Trinidad and Tobago.

My husband celebrated a birthday in April. He’s such a blessing to me. Loved celebrating another birthday with him and love him! Double whammy! #bam

2013-05-25 15.02.21-1

My Dad and sister’s birthday. How special is it to share a birthday with someone in your family? One thing I love about Dad (and I’m still learning from him) is ‘to always take the call’. Daddy always answers his phone once he sees any of us calling. Always. From when he’s relaxing at home to when he’s in meetings with fellow great minds as they discuss important matters and close deals. An action that small shows me that we’re more important to him than any other person that society deems important with a title. And my little sister Krissy with her PhD in Neuroscience – her passion for studies and research is unmatched by anyone I know. Seriously. I don’t know how she does it. Here’s an old photo of them 😉

2013-04-27 09.39.40

And finally our trip to Trinidad and Tobago to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We had a great time visiting family and my 97 year old grandma!  The boys loved the beach and the warm weather.  It was a lovely break from our routine.
2013-04-27 10.52.29
2013-04-29 18.39.26

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