The moments that matter most…

Evenings at our home can be pretty hectic with both Rob and I working outside the home. We try to limit our activities in the evenings during the week for this very reason. Homework, reading and dinner seem to eat up at least 2 hours quite easily and before you know it, it’s 8:30pm and the bedtime routine starts.

I’m not one to have the kids up past 9:30pm because let’s face it…I need time to decompress and they need their rest. Bedtime has always been a pretty special moment at out home but recently we switched it up a bit. Even though the boys had their own rooms they insisted on sleeping in the same room. One night at the beginning of summer, Sai declared he was moving out of Noey’s room and into his own. He’s done this before, but before they were asleep he’d be back in Noey’s room. So we thought ‘here we go again’!

Noey was heartbroken. Tears and more tears. I felt bad for him, but it was inevitable that this would happen. We made a deal with Sai to sleep with Noey one night/week to get him used to idea of being alone. Sai ‘obliged’. Once. And that was that. He was permanently in his own room.

In hindsight, that was probably the best thing that could have happened. You see, being a first born Sai, naturally clamours for attention without even realizing it. This often resulted in Noey just taking the back seat. With them in their own rooms, Rob and I now spend individual time with each of the boys.

During this time, they talk about whatever they want to talk about. It’s at these times that the ‘true’ stories about school comes up. They’re relaxed, the heavy cloud of homework is gone and they now remember all the good, juicy stuff that happened during the day! I love it!

As much as I’d love to have an extra hour in the evenings to do what I want, this time spent with the boys individually, is as healthy for me as it is for them. I get to really engage each child in a way that I know works for them. We always, always ends with prayers, hugs and kisses and of course, a tickle session to ensure that regardless of what the discussion was that night they’re calm, smiling and feel loved.

Nights like tonight when I have to do bedtime on my own…I have to get a bit more creative! Hurry home Captain!

Night night.

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