A good egg…

Today I had a couple epiphanies:

  1. Don’t go to Costco on a Saturday and
  2. Never judge an egg from how it looks

Number 1 is self-explanatory, I have no idea what made me do this…but the second one is what this post is going to be about.

Egg-CartonOne of the things on my list for Costco was eggs (my family LOVES eggs), while I was checking the eggs in the carton, I remembered reading somewhere that you can tell how fresh an egg is by how it lays in water. Don’t worry, I didn’t try to find water and a bowl in Costco to check the freshness of my purchase. What I did do though, was buy the carton of eggs and when I got home I asked Mr. Google  (aka Dr. Google when I’m researching medical advice) ‘how do I know if an egg is fresh’.

Here’s what I found:

Fill a bowl with enough water to cover the egg(s) and set the egg(s) in the pan.  If the egg lies on its side, this means the air cell inside is small and it’s fresh.  If the egg sits upright, it’s not as fresh but still okay to eat.

Stay with me…this is going somewhere I promise you.

So a fresh (read: good) egg lies on its side, a not-quite-fresh (read: not-so-good) egg sits upright.  Hmm…me thinks this is yet another example of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. You would think (simply on the basics of ‘looks’ and not science) that a fresh egg would sit upright/proper. Aren’t all things that are ‘good’, also ‘proper’ and ‘perfect’ in look?

This got me thinking about kids (adults too, but mainly kids), we often judge kids based on how ‘appropriate’ and ‘proper’ they are. We’re quick to make assumptions and dismiss or welcome them depending on how they look. Imagine if in that process we’re actually throwing a few ‘good eggs’ away.  The thing about the ‘not-so-fresh’ eggs is that even though they’re not super fresh, they’re still good enough to use in certain recipes. Think about that.

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