An open letter to my son on his Baptism day

Today, Robert Isaiah Wright, was baptized at our church. While for some this act can be noted as a highly ‘religious’ one, for Isaiah this was a personal decision. We are a family that believes it’s more about relationship and less about religion. Today was a very, very big deal.

Here is my letter to Isaiah.

Dear Isaiah,

I am so very proud of you. Words cannot express the excitement that I felt when you came to me and told me you were ready to be baptized. Today was a very important milestone in your life. I know you understand the importance and significance of what you did today, but some others may not.

Some people you may meet may have been hurt, offended or even felt rejected by people claiming their love for Jesus. They may not understand the decision that you made today or the God you have chosen to love and serve. I want you to know that that’s ok. All you are called to do is be a good example of who Jesus is.

There may be times, that you may not get it right. Where you may think, say or do things that you’re embarrassed about because you know that they were wrong. That’s ok too. Just ask forgiveness from those that you may have hurt and get back on track. Just get back on track.

We are all imperfect people, even those of us that love Jesus. See people the way Jesus does. He loves everyone, regardless of our sex, age, culture, colour, religious beliefs, past or lifestyle. He created us all and He loves us all and underneath all the layers that many of us have, we all have the need to be loved. Share that love with and be kind to everyone you meet, you may just be the only representation of Jesus that some may see.

A lot of your family and friends showed their support to you today by coming to church to witness your baptism. This is your ‘village’, these are the people who will always stand for and with you. They are great examples of Godly people. Cherish them. Love them. They love you.

Your friends who supported you today. They love you too. They were so excited to be a part of your baptism. Be good to each other. Encourage each other and hold each other accountable to the things you all know to be good, true and honest.

Endlessly proud of you and I love you as big as the sky.


  1. Beautiful and heartwarming. You are an amazing mom. And I LOVE “get back on track”. Love it. It can be used by all of us so many times in our lives, can’t it? Something I may add to say to myself now and then… along with the two words that I often say to myself in my head that ground me and calm me if I find myself feeling anxious or overwhelmed: “I am.”

  2. Trish, I had no idea that you had such a gift with words. God bless with your encouraging, uplifting way of speaking life and love into your son and sharing it with us… very moving. It’s so nice to see this publicly being shown and discussed!
    God Bless you sister!
    Love always,

  3. You are an amazing writer, my dear friend, Trish. But more importantly, you just explained what we are all to do with this thing called life that we have been blessed with. Thank you for being so down to earth. Your boys (and husband) are truly blessed to have you!!

    1. Robyn – thanks for your kind words. I still say that that last day of VBS 3 years ago when we first met was what some would say was a divine appointment. Greater things to come my friend and both of our ‘down to earthness’ is what many need ;). xoxo

  4. This is awesome. Great letter to a great son endorsing his faith walk in Christ alone. We continue to place our children in His care and underneath is His loving arms.

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