Can ‘killing them with kindness’ kill you?

Ever met a person who made it seem like polite communication was an olympic sport for only the world’s best, greatest and most elite…which they aren’t? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. I have and they’re not fun!

I’ve tried the killing them with kindness approach. Like if I keep being nice and polite and professional they’ll come around right? Negative.

I’ve also tried the let’s skip the pleasantries approach. For example, I’d write an email and have to go back to edit out all my ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’ so it’s just the basics. That’s just way too tiring, takes too much thought and effort and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Being on the receiving end of constant negativity and impoliteness is draining. But as hard as it is, I often wonder if the other person’s negativity and impolite nature is really as easy as it seem to come to them. I’ve concluded that it does seem to come easy…way too easy.

But regardless of why they are they way they are or why they communicate in the way they do or why they’re unhappy or as miserable as they seem – I will keep being polite. Because it’s easier, faster and second nature for me to be nice. Anything less is just way too time consuming. And to help, I’ll draw on the other positive people around me so that being kind doesn’t kill me.

  1. you know one of my goals this yr is to be nice. It just makes ME feel better when I look back. Also when I meet people I’m not ashamed to say hi. Being nice is kinda classy to me. To me it shows I have some education and training. Of course as you said it take a lot less energy and I need that energy for other fun things ….

  2. Good Lord I needed to read this LOL. I found myself bending over backwards again for this one “friend” who never seems to reciprocate. Nothing wrong with being polite, but at a certain point, it’s okay to stop sticking your neck out so often.

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