Keep calm and use the backboard

mentor1I spent today at Isaiah’s basketball tournament and the one thing that I repeatedly heard was ‘use the backboard!’

And after seeing the results when a kid actually used the backboard, I’d pull Isaiah aside before each game and tell him ‘use the backboard’.

A quick Google search during the game led me to this fact “Shooting from certain areas of the court, players are more likely to score if they aim the ball at the backboard instead of straight at the hoop.”

That got me thinking…the same is true for life. While for some goals it might be easy, efficient and even quicker to get it done on our own, for others, we need help. And though this ‘help’ may look different depending on what you need to accomplish, almost always it will involve a ‘backboard’ of sorts.

I’m super grateful for those who play the role of my ‘backboard’ – supporting me, my goals & dreams and setting me up for success.

And I’m equally honoured for the opportunity to be a ‘backboard’ for others…supporting them and helping to set them up for success. It’s not a role that I take lightly.

If you don’t have a ‘backboard’ in place, get one…or some…and while you’re at it, make yourself available to be a ‘backboard’ for someone else.

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