It’s been a minute

im-backIt’s been a minute. Actually more like 87658.1 minutes (but that was of 3 secs…5 secs…ago).

My excuse has been time.

Some days I just can’t find the time to sit still and write. But the truth is that I feel better when I do. That’s not to say that over the last 87670.2 minutes I haven’t felt great! I have. You just didn’t get a chance to hear/read about it and that’s the not-so-great part.

My notebook has lots and lots of pencil scribbles (pen is just too permanent for me) of inspiration. It’s in my purse every day and when I dig through my purse to look for my keys (which is every time I need to go into my car…my purse is like a deep dark abyss I tell you) and my hand connects with that hard cover a little part of me cries. Which sucks, because I’m little and if a little part of me cries, it’s essentially every ounce of my being.

Anyway, suffice it to say, I’m gonna do this again…every day. Even if it’s just a picture, quote, story, thought, I’m going to do this every day, because it’s my thing and when I do my thing, I do better at other things…it’s a weird thing this thing.

So now that it’s out there, hold me to it would ya?

Talk to you tomorrow,


P.S. The minute count went up exponentially since I started writing. Do you believe you’ve missed all those minutes of my thoughts? Oh the stories!!

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