Thwhatififall-PF 2e other day as I was sitting outside writing, I thought that I should move the patio umbrella to a different position to give me more shade.

So I tilted it slightly back and rolled the umbrella in its stand (you know…spin, stop, spin, stop, etc) until I had it in the best position. It felt like more work that it should have been. Three hours later the umbrella needed to be adjusted.

With a sigh (just the mere thought of the task of rolling the stand), I got up and started the process. Midway through (and trust me our patio table isn’t THAT big) I had the following conversation with myself:

Self 1: Why don’t you just lift it?

Self 2: Because it’s heavy…that’s why?

Self 1: How heavy can it be? Umbrella and stand?

Self 2: Uh…VERY! That’s iron…or metal…or steel…I’m not really sure what it is but it looks pretty heavy to me.

Self 1: Well I think you should try…

Self 2: Fine I’ll try…but I’m telling you it’s heavy!

Self 1: Go for it!

Self 2: Let me have a drink first…

I often prolong conversations with myself, because they’re so fun, clever and witty (plus I’m easliy amused)…I could have gone on for a bit longer, believe you me.

Anyway, I picked up the umbrella stand and to my surprise…it was lighter than my children (not both of them combined…individually, yes individually)! And sometimes, I pick THEM up for fun.

I was in complete disbelief that for the past month or so all I did was roll this stoopid (intentionally spelt incorrectly) umbrella and its stand around, when I could have easily picked it up and placed it where I needed it.

That got me thinking of the many times we don’t try something new, give up on something we’ve been trying to do, give up on relationships/friendships, etc because of what we assume?

How many times do we assume something is too hard, too difficult, too painful, when in actuality we have all the strength that we need to accomplish said task?

I say just try…and keep trying…unless of course said task is damaging to your emotional, physical or spiritual wellbeing.

Now promise me something…this is just our little secret, because if The Captain is around I will still feign that I’m too weak to do it myself 😉

In the shade,


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