When duty calls…

I have a confession to make. I am the wimpiest mom of them all. Primarily because I don’t do kids with upset tummies. Now before you get all judgey-judgey on me, this didn’t just happen after I had kids nor is it a reason for me not to clean the dirty do. I’ve always been this way. Everyone knows this…kids included.

In the past, I may or may not have pushed a 4 year old out of the way while he was throwing up so that I could get out of earshot of the hurling (don’t worry…I called The Captain, I did not leave him stranded). So unless you want to clean up two messes, you’re better off keeping me away.

2014-04-10 21.21.30-1

Tonight however, there was a test. Noey started complaining of a headache just as The Captain was leaving the house. We gave him some Advil and a glass of water. The Captain left.

Then this:

Noey: Mom I think I’m going to throw up but I’ll wait until Dad gets home
Me: No, no if you’re sick we can deal with this
Noey: But mom I really don’t want you to be sick

Mini gag. Run to the washroom. As we get there Noey closes the door.

Noey: Mom just stay outside I’ll be ok
Me: No Noey, I can do this

Bigger gag. I’m now in the washroom Noey’s over the toilet about to throw up. He weakly shoves me out of the way and has the most concerned look on his face. I’m a bit slow sometimes, but this is when I clue in that he REALLY IS holding back the inevitable because he doesn’t want me to be sick.

Even bigger hurl. Noey throws up. I gag. I leave the washroom. Noey throws up some more. I gag some more.

Then I finally ‘mom up’ (aka ‘man up’) and go back to Noey’s side wearing the biggest smile known to man since The Captain once told me that smiling inhibits the gag reflex.

You know what stood out to me the most during this ordeal? It was that in Noey’s weak state he seemed more concerned about me than himself.

Nights like this remind what considerate boys I have. And…that if I really do need to do something, with a little determination I can totally do it.

Tonight duty called and I answered even if it was a wee bit delayed.


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