On timing…

imageToday I had to take Sai to the walk-in clinic to get his toe checked out. While waiting to be seen by the doctor and simultaneously texting our ‘personal’ physiotherapist Uncle Ron (who by the way gave the same diagnosis as the doctor about 1 hour before the doctor confirmed and without even seeing the injured toe), Sai and I had this convo:

Sai: Mom, I wish I had more faith
Me: Why do you say that Sai?
Sai: Well because I’ve been praying for God to heal my toe and it’s not working
Me: Ahh…well that’s not how it really works. Sometimes we pray and it’s instantaneous and other times we pray and we have to wait for a bit. Maybe us being here at the walk-in is actually protecting us from an accident on the road or some other thing that we’re not supposed to meet. So even though it seems as though your prayer didn’t work, that’s not true. There could be a bigger plan.
Sai: Ok…I think I get it but I just really want my toe to feel better

After this convo we were sent for two X-Rays for Sai’s toe, after which he was told it was a small sprain and the pain should subside in a week or so.

On a side note, the boys have a new nanny who they simply adore. Her dad was coming into town this weekend and they wanted to meet him, but because we were supposed to be in the city, we weren’t going to be able to meet him. But because of the walk-in clinic visit, we all met Chanelle’s (aka Cinnamon, aka Chanelly) dad.

Well Sai…this is probably the reason that your toe wasn’t healed right away…because God knew that you also really wanted to meet Chanelle’s dad and that was probably the only way we would have gotten our times synced.

Perfect timing…always.

  1. I love this entry, it is so very true! We can never fully comprehend the plan God has for us because we can not see all the alternatives – Love you Trish & Sai!

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