Go getter…price checker…

Let me be honest, grocery shopping is my least favourite thing to do. Yes…you read right. It’s my least favourite thing. I told someone this recently and they’re like why? Why don’t you like to do groceries? So I thought about it for a while and it occurred to me that my lack of interest in this activity came about right around the time that groceries started this ‘self-serve’ nonsense.

Seriously? You want me to bag my own groceries after paying you an obscene amount more than you paid for the goods I’m buying? The equivalent would be at work, my clients paying me and I’m asking them to execute the plan that we put together for them. Silly right? But am I the only person who thinks like this? Cause no one else I know has an issue grocery shopping.

So yeah, I don’t like grocery shopping because not only do I have to roam the aisles looking for the items on list (if I even made a list that week), but then I get to the cashier and I have to unload and pack and then reload, pay, load my car, unload when I get home. Right?!

Anyway, late this summer, I had the pleasure of being next in line behind a woman who was price checking some items on her list. So she would pull out her flyers and the cashier would give her the item at the lower price to match the flyer’s prices. I thought to myself, if she can price check why aren’t I? If I price check, not only do I save, but the supermarket will get less than they wanted for that item.

So last week was the first week I priced checked. I went on a Friday as I knew it wouldn’t be too busy and The Captain came with, so yeah that trip was successful. I saved $20 in total.

Today, I went by myself and it was a semi-success compared to last week…I saved close to $10. Most importantly, I didn’t annoy the person who was next in line by taking too long getting my act together.

So this will probably be my new thing…the savings are pretty amazing to see each week, but sticking it to the ‘Grocery Man’ for having me pack my own bags is even better.

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